The Best Smart Notebooks: Moleskine, Rocketbook, and More

smartbooks reviews

Also, even though it’s 2021, the pen still charges through a MicroUSB port. That’s a little frustrating, considering USB-C is more convenient and has been available for years now. The battery should last at least a few days of use, though you will have to remember to charge it up relatively regularly. All in all, this smart notebook has a variety of useful features and is a long-lasting, high-quality choice, making it our Best Overall for note-takers, doodlers, and more. The semi-transparent surface on this smart notebook allows you to take notes on different templates or to mark up documents. Like the Rocketbook Fusion notebook, this model comes with a Pilot Frixion Pen and a microfiber cloth to reuse the pages, although it comes with 48 dotted pages to fill up first.

  • This planner works with the Moleskine Smart Pen to automatically digitize your schedule as you write it down.
  • The term was coined by Qualcomm in referring to tiny laptop-like devices using processors that are derived from smartphone-level CPUs, but are in many cases even more powerful.
  • I made this pick based on its quality for the price, average rating, and standout features it offers, such as seven different page styles and cloud service compatibility.
  • We’ll set up financial reporting and metrics to help you understand financial performance and make business decisions.
  • It comes with different page types so you have everything inside one notebook.

In this case, that heat comes when you microwave the Rocketbook to “erase” the page and start again. Livescribe offers the perfect smart notebook system for students and anyone else who needs to take notes and audio recordings a lot. The Echo 2 pen transcribes your notes as you write them and also records up to seven hours of audio without the aid of any external device. The Livescribe companion app is available for both desktop and mobile, allowing you to view your notes, listen to recordings, and share notes as PDFs to email, Google Drive, or Evernote, or directly via Bluetooth. The Rocketbook Core is a smart notebook that offers unlimited reuse and a best-in-class app, which is why it’s our top recommendation. The Core is available in Executive and Letter format, and has 32 or 36 pages you can wipe clean with a damp cloth as long as you use a compatible pen.

Do smart notebooks feel like paper?

That means that you don’t have to buy new smart notebooks every time you finish one. And, some notebooks have different kinds of layouts, like calendar layouts, to-do layouts, and more. While this notebook is a lot easier to use than other options, the catch is that reusability is limited. Rocketbook officially specifies that you can only reuse the Wave up to five times, but some users report that they’ve successfully erased it 10 or more times. To maximize reusability, you can press lightly with the included pen or use FriXion markers instead. You also need a fairly large microwave to make use of the microwaving feature, as the notebook needs to be able to rotate fully on the turntable without bumping the sides.

  • You can use the Moleskine Pen+ Ellipse Smart Writing Set’s app to record audio to sync with your notes.
  • The Rocketbook Mini offers all the same great, smart features on offer by other Rocketbooks, but comes in a much smaller form-factor that’s better suited to travel and mobility.
  • ZDNET’s recommendations are based on many hours of testing, research, and comparison shopping.
  • Erasing writing was very easy – wiping it with a damp cloth really took ink off right away.

Instead of lines, the pages have a grid of dots that help you line up your notes. I considered my own hands-on experiences with the products, as well as other ZDNET staff that have used and recommend these smart notebooks along with extensive research. Ultimately, the factors that helped decide if these were considered a best ZDNET title came down to notebook feel, storage capabilities, price, and other special features.


It also comes with its own pen, which is lightweight yet highly responsive. It’s not one for taking notes on the move, but it’s a good and cheap option if you also love to draw. The Elipsa 2E has the same sized 10.2-inch display, the battery lasts weeks, and even the design is similar.

But there’s enough which sets them apart, and some ways the Kobo notebook improves on the Scribe. The stylus, the Kobo Stylus 2, has an eraser and button, and comes with the Elipsa 2E — though you will need to charge it separately. It also integrates seamlessly with Dropbox and Google Drive, giving you an easy way to get files to your notebook.

Rocketbook Everlast Mini Smart Reusable Notebook

Along with tablets, smartbooks are one of the surging new trends in portable computers. Conveniently, the pen can store data and sync with the app later, so you don’t necessarily have to keep the app open all the time for data to transfer. ZDNET put the Moleskine Pen+ to the test and particularly Best Law Firm Accounting Software in 2023 appreciated the replay option, which allows you to re-run how your notes came together. In addition, the Kindle Scribe comes with the Basic pen, but for the more advanced features like a dedicated eraser and the shortcut button, you’ll need the premium pen, which costs $30 extra.

smartbooks reviews

If you want to use it as a drawing tablet, make sure it integrates well with your art app of choice first. It connects wirelessly to iOS and Android devices, but Windows and Mac computers require a wired connection. To help you decide which smart notebooks are worth the investment, ZDNET tested and researched the best on the market, keeping in mind notebook feel, storage capabilities and options, special features, and price. The Moleskine Smart Writing set is definitely expensive – but if you’re looking for a really smart notebook, this one is the way to go. That’s because the Moleskine Smart Writing Set is the only option on this list with an actual smart pen, while the others have a notebook that you’ll need to take a photo of with your phone.

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