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node js AngularJS + NodeJS + web api application architecture

Applications built with this kind of architecture are loosely coupled, also referred to as distributed applications. As far as third-party support is concerned, Node’s package manager, NPM is full of feature-rich, well maintained, well documented, frameworks, libraries and tools for any use case you can imagine. It is therefore very convenient for developers to plug these existing solutions into their code and make the most of their APIs.

node.js web application architecture

The component is also responsible for sending error messages to system admins, transferring events to monitoring services, and making a log of every event. Another way of ensuring clean coding and enhanced readability is to put comments about the code you’ve written intelligently. It will help other developers understand the purpose of writing particular code. Also, it can help you when you refer to the same code after a while. Lastly, comments are one of the best ways to document your project details, such as APIs, class, functions, author name, version, etc. Why not adopt one of the fantastic style guides that Google or Airbnb have provided for Javascript?

Use service and data access layers

If you don’t want to waste your time and resources, you can rely on a professional team of developers. Node.js has an extensive package management library, with thousands of open-source options that can be added to your app project immediately which can reduce your time to market and programming budget. One of the major reasons why developers and businesses are adopting Node.js is because of its benefit of scaling. Node’s scalability is achieved by the load balancing and the capability to handle a huge number of concurrent connections. Node.js leverages the “Single Threaded Event Loop” architecture to take care of multiple concurrent clients.

node.js web application architecture

For smaller projects, the benefits of DI, such as testability, code reusability, and scalability, may not outweigh the added complexity it introduces. In such cases, a simpler approach where dependencies are manually instantiated or passed directly to the modules may be sufficient. Angular JS is an open-source MVC framework like Javascript where its architecture works well in HTML and TypeScript as both platform and framework. Some of the benefits of Angular JS-based web applications include two-way binding, ease of routing,  integration, and unit testing.

Handle errors more often

Notice how main points to index.js and scripts has develop pointing to index.js. This means that whenever we run npm run develop from the command in the root of the application, it will run the entry point, which, in our case is the index.js file. While we’ve created our folders, they can’t do anything without a server.

Within lines 2 to 5, we imported bcryptjs, passport-local, and our User.js model file. Bcryptjs compares the plain text entered into the login form with the encrypted data in the database. To ensure our Login page works, we must authenticate users using Passport. If there is a user in the database, Passport redirects us to a dashboard that node js development displays the user’s details. By importing mongoose and dotenv, they immediately call the config method to enable our connection to read the environment variables and assign their contents to process.env. Note that this .env file should not be uploaded to your production or even committed to git; you must include it in your .gitignore file.

Components Of Web Application Architecture

Having separately managed configurations also simplifies the identification and isolation of files containing sensitive information. When utilizing version control systems like Git, you can establish appropriate ignore rules to prevent the config folder or specific configuration files from being committed to the repository. In this tutorial, our focus will be the Node.js project structure and architecture. We’ll cover the fundamentals of application architecture in general and discuss some best practices for organizing your Node.js apps. The main reason for rewriting is that we don’t want html rendering on server side. Node.js also provides a rich library of various JavaScript modules to simplify the development of web applications.

  • In most modern web applications, the view layer is usually replaced by another single page application, for example, a React.js or an Angular application.
  • This is what handles our authentication, but we will need to add some middleware to our index.js file to initialize it.
  • Below is a sample folder structure that we have been using in my day job and it is working very well for us.
  • The controller delegates complex business logic tasks to the service layer, and the service layer, in turn, interacts with the Model to perform data-related operations.

Second, we do not claim that our recommendations are better than the alternatives. As I noted, you will often find several equally good packages or approaches available in the JavaScript ecosystem. Our recommendations favor what the Red Hat and IBM teams have used successfully and the technologies we are familiar with.

Speed and performance

They make it easier for developers to use the most suitable tools to complete a particular task, albeit at the cost that you need to find those components yourself. The npm package manager was released in 2010, and native Windows support was added in 2012. Node.js offers fast performance and data processing; highly reusable code; the code is easy to learn, write, read, and maintain; huge resource library. Between each run of the event loop, Node.js checks if it is waiting for any asynchronous I/O or timers.

node.js web application architecture

But why Node JS Platform has chosen different architecture to develop web applications. What is the major differences between multithreaded and single threaded event loop architecture. Any web developer can learn Node JS and develop applications very easily. However without understanding Node JS Internals, we cannot design and develop Node JS Applications very well. So before starting developing Node JS Applications, first we will learn Node JS Platform internals.

Manipulating Files

Nonetheless, the evolution of technology & frameworks has evolved the performances of web applications. Additionally, the appropriate choice of components & architecture of web applications determines the very performance of the web application. The application built with serverless architectures executes without any link with infrastructure-aided tasks. The developer need not manage the backend server as these applications are harnessed by third-party cloud infrastructure services.

node.js web application architecture

We are defining our database-related schemas in the model as well. The controllers will deal with all the fetching and business logic for now. Model objects are responsible for storing, retrieving, and updating data from the database.

Blockchain Services

This architecture of web applications handles cross-platform support, Docker containers, microservices, and side-by-side versioning. The biggest advantage of opting for the .NET framework is that it doesn’t require database code to store data. Some of the beneficial features of the .NET framework include less coding and increased reuse of code, deployment, reliability, and integration with legacy systems.

Developer Sandbox Activities

Express was initially released in November 2010 and is currently on major version 4 of the API. You can check out the changelog for information about changes in the current release, and GitHub for more detailed historical release notes. Node.js is blessed to have a large community of programmers who keep on contributing towards its further improvement.

Programming Languages & Frameworks

When developers make a change in Node.js, only a specific Node is affected. In comparison, other frameworks require making changes to the core programming. As a result, this Node.js feature benefits the initial build stage and ongoing maintenance. After adopting Node.js, Netflix reduced the startup loading time by 70%.